About Us

Welcome to Numi Supplies - your place to find jewelry and DIY supplies from Central and South Asia, and beyond! You'll find Kuchi, Hazara, Baluch, Pashtun, Turkoman (Turkmen), Kazakh, Nooristani, Kalash, Punjab, Ratvahi, Gujarati, Uzbek, Pakistani, Rajasthani, Banjara, Lambani, Naga, Tharu, Tibetan, Waziri (Waziristan), Multan, Swat, Sindh, and more. I have tribal jewelry, coins, charms, pendants, beads, ethnic textiles, beaded patches, tribal belts, Turkmen bells, findings, and other unique items.

Who is NumiSupplies

"Numi" is short for the word "numinous" - meaning of or relating to numen, the supernatural or divine. For us, this word has many applications, both in the description of some of the items we find, but also in the interaction we've experienced with people along the way.

I am a creative person who loves experimenting with different mediums - beading, metalsmithing/silversmithing, enameling, sewing, painting, sculpture, furniture making, and more. NumiSupplies is not only a shop where you'll find vintage jewelry and supplies - you'll also find many of my creations as well.

 I strive to provide an honest and engaging store which you'll return to again and again. Have any questions or special requests? 


Contact me ~ I'd love to hear from you.