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Adjustable Tribal Dance ATS Belt Vintage Kuchi Gul (#6141)


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Amazing, unique, Kuchi gul belt - you could wear as is or you could add a lot more embellishments - chain, coins, tassels, etc. This belt is made from an assortment of gul (patches) that are different sizes, styles, and colors. The gul are sewn onto a fabric base so it's ready to go. The entire belt, not including the ties is 32.5" long. There are two ties - they are 10" each so you can adjust to size. The smallest the belt can be is 32.5" - the largest is about 42.5" around - you'll want to leave room to tie it. You can always add more ties to make it larger. This was made using vintage patches. There are some stray threads, a few missing beads, and visible patch lining.