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BIG Vintage Kuchi Square Pendant Blue Crescent Moon Tribal Jewelry (#8334)


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Big and beautiful vintage Kuchi square pendant. This is BIG - 5.5" long by 4" wide. The settings are bright and colorful. In the center is a blue crescent moon which is flanked by two orange teardrop shapes. There are some replacement settings mixed in with the original ones. The dangles include stylized chamsa and little triangular charms. Did I mention this is BIG? It's also a little heavy - it weighs 7.5 ounces/210 grams. This is a vintage piece so there are signs of wear - replacement settings, oxidized metal, some indentations on the bails, and some dusty crevices. The color of the metal is mostly gray but due to the alloy composition, there is a subtle golden undertone. Authentic vintage - not a new reproduction.

Different monitors and phone apps show colors differently. I do my best to accurately document color using both photos and written descriptions. If you have any questions, please send me a message.