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Kuchi Beaded Tribal Tassels Old Beadwork Animal Hair Felting (#8192)


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Pair of beaded flower tassels with lovely fringe. This pair is made from two old "gul" or flower medallions. The backing on this pair is felted animal hair - something to note. The use of animal hair was more common in the past but is less frequently used now. The tassels are comprised of vintage components that have been updated with a new lining, loop, and a beaded border. These are about 7.5" long by 3" wide. You could use as décor, on a belt, bag, or for other creations. There is visible stitching, dusty crevices, some stray threads, and a handmade appearance.

Different monitors and phone apps show colors differently. I do my best to accurately document color using both photos and written descriptions. If you have any questions, please send me a message.