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Large Vintage Tribal Coins Loops Bails Same Style 1"


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Set of large vintage coins with loops/bails.  These are all the same currency.  On one side is a heart symbol and on the other is the currency script, with some variation due to year of minting. The coins are 1" wide but the length will vary due to the stylistic differences in bails The coins are in their original condition and show signs of age and wear, including surface wear, unpolished metal, and some dusty crevices. These are called "tribal" coins because they are used by the different nomadic (Kuchi) tribes of Pakistan and Afghanistan as adornment. They can no longer be used as currency - all of them have a loop/bail. Overall these are a silver-tone. 

Different monitors and phone apps show colors differently. I do my best to accurately document color using both photos and written descriptions. If you have any questions, please send me a message.