Tribal Dance ATS Belt BIG Beaded Patches 33" Adjustable (#6321)


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Amazing, unique, Kuchi gul belt - you could wear as is or you could add even more embellishments - chain, coins, tassels, etc. This belt is made from an assortment of gul (patches) that are different sizes, styles, and colors. There is a BIG gul on this belt - it's 7" x 5"! The gul are sewn onto a fabric base so it's ready to go. The entire belt, not including the ties is 33" long. There are two ties - they are 10" each so you can adjust to size. The smallest the belt can be is 33" - the largest is about 43" around - you'll want to leave room to tie it. You can always add more ties to make it larger. This was made using vintage patches that are visibly aged. All the beads and accents appear intact. There are some stray threads and visible backing.