Turkmen Child's Vest "Kirlik" Tribal Adornment Home Decor Yomud Yomut (#3)

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Unique child's ceremonial garment from the Turkmen Yomud of Northern Afghanistan.
This is called a "kirklik" in the Turkmen language and is worn by children for special events.
This "kirklik" is adorned with cowrie shells and amulets - both the front and back of the garment are similarly adorned.
This garment is most likely a tourist item; it's a little over 20-years old.
You could use this for home decor rather than for use on a child.
20" long, including the fringe.
12.25" wide.
The fringe is made of silk threads that are attached to the trim along the border. Some of the trim stitching is loose on this piece - shown in photos.
Historical note - sometimes these are referred to as "cherjew" - Cherjew is most likely a region of Turkmenistan and not the name of the garment itself.