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Turkmen Child's Vest "Kirlik" Tribal Adornment Home Decor Yomud Yomut (#7)

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Unique child's ceremonial garment from the Turkmen Yomud of Northern Afghanistan.
This is called a "kirklik" in the Turkmen language and is worn by children for special events.
This "kirklik" is adorned with cowrie shells and amulets - both the front and back of the garment are similarly adorned.
This garment is most likely a tourist item; it's a little over 20-years old.
You could use this for home decor rather than for use on a child.
22" long, including the fringe.
13" wide.
The fringe is made of silk threads that are attached to the trim along the border.
There are some visible stray threads.
Historical note - sometimes these are referred to as "cherjew" - Cherjew is most likely a region of Turkmenistan and not the name of the garment itself.