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Vintage Baloch Bead Quetta Valley Balochistan Adornment 2.5" Long


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Big, vintage, ethnic hair bead with well-worn tribal motifs and etchings from Quetta Valley, Balochistan.
Often used as a hair bead, but you can also use this for jewelry or tassels - the size is compelling and the craftsmanship is beautiful.
The opening is approximately .75"
From end to end the bead is 2.5" long.
Approximately 5.38" circumference
The Baloch tribes come from a region of Southwest Asia - there are many tribes in the region and I am not sure exactly which one the bead can be attributed to.
It is unique, handcrafted, and beautiful. I've used beads like this in my own jewelry designs - they make a powerful impact as a centerpiece.
Some signs of age and wear including a few indentations, irregular wear pattern, and oxidized metal.