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Vintage Baloch Tribal Necklace Ethnic Adornment (#11)


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Vintage Baloch tribal necklace with a series of coin pendants and a large tribal focal in the center. Baloch items are from Balochistan, a tribal region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Dark blue beaded cord with six traditional metal accent beads.
From end to end the cord is 29". You'll want to leave a few inches to tie it - approximately 25" when tied.
There are six large, vintage coin pendants with round, bell-like dangles. The dangles make a quiet sound with movement to ward off the evil eye.
The center pendant is so beautiful and old. The edges are rounded from many years of use. Hanging from the pendant is a series of stylized hamsa dangles.
The coin pendants are about 2.75" long. The center pendant is about 3.75" long.
Vintage item with signs of age and wear including patina, smooth edges, and a worn appearance.