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Vintage Kashmiri Tribal Button Decoration Pendant Rare (#4)


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Lovely, vintage Kashmiri button decoration - this is inserted into buttonholes on traditional ethnic clothing.
You could use this on tribal costuming, for home decor, or just add to your collection.
There are three buttons on the back.
There are flower patterns throughout - these represent beauty and life.
The settings are made of plastic and are somewhat scratched and worn - visible in photos. One of the settings is sunken - shown in photos.
The round, bell-like dangles make a sound with movement. The sound is used to ward off and distract the evil eye.
This is one weighs less than some of the others I have listed - this is just under 7 ounces.
The metal is a champagne color due to copper content.
This is a vintage Kashmiri item with visible age and wear.