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Vintage Kuchi Pashtun Cuff Does Not Open 6.5" HAND SIZE


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Beautiful, old Afghan Pashtun tribal cuff - well-worn motifs and a nice patina.
This does not open. There is a pin which is permanently placed, but even if you could remove it, it would open the cuff just another 1/4". The result is, that in order for this to fit, you need to slide it over your hand and onto your wrist. The inner circumference is 6.5" - it's quite small. Your hand can't be larger than 6.5" around for this to fit.
3.5" tall
Warm tone metal - bronze-tone with oxidation and some verdigris.
Series of leaves and flowers adorn the rows near the pin. They are worn and aged, but still intact.
This weighs 7 ounces/196 grams.
Traditional Pashtun tribal motifs.
Vintage Afghan tribal jewelry with signs of age and wear.