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Vintage Tajikistan Dowry Textile Central Asian Embroidery


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Vintage, hand-embroidered, Tajik bridal embroidery. This is a handmade item with bright colors and bridal motifs, including rings and two blue rabbits.
This would be part of a dowry and then used to decorate the bed or home.
This is lined with sparkly, light-colored fabric - shown in the last photo.
There is a small portion that doesn't have stitching - the light purple fabric is visible. I am not sure if this is intentional or for another reason.
In one corner is some writing - the meaning is known to the maker. I am certain that it's Cyrillic script. The symbol that looks like a "6" is a "b" in Cyrillic.
The tassels are made of silk.
This is 35" wide by 30" long, not including the fabric backing.
Most likely from the 1980's.