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Vintage Tribal Beads from Balochistan Bulk Lot of 5


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Set of 5, big, vintage, ethnic beads with from Quetta Valley, Balochistan.
These large beads are often used as hair adornment, but you can use these for jewelry or tassels - the size is compelling and the craftsmanship is beautiful.
Various sizes and designs - this is a mixed lot of 5 different beads.
On average between 2" and 2.12" long with about a 5" circumference.
The openings are large enough for a hair braid - about .4" to 5" across.
The Baloch tribes come from a region of Southwest Asia - there are many tribes in the region and I am not sure exactly which one the beads can be attributed to.
These are unique, handcrafted, and beautiful. I've used beads like this in my own jewelry designs - they make a powerful impact as a centerpiece.
Vintage pieces with signs of age and wear. There are some indentations, various degrees of patination, and worn metal.