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Vintage Uzbek Flower Segusha Central Asian Embroidery


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Vintage, hand-embroidered, Uzbek saya (saye) gosha - sometimes also called "segusha".
The flowers and symbols may refer to important events in the life of the person who crafted it, or they may be solely for decoration.
There are some stray threads along the edges due to the fact that this was most likely removed from a larger piece. Some of the fringe is frayed - shown in photos.
The fringe is all made by hand, including being hand-dyed. I think it is wool, but am not sure.
The original use of this type of textile to adorn the home, but the shape is perfect for using it as an amazing ATS or fusion hip scarf.
This is a vintage item.
The length of each section is about 20" to the center.
The textile is 4" tall - the fringe is 5" tall - a total of 9" together.
The last photo is a view of the back.