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Vintage Uzbek Suzani Needlework Bridal Textile


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Vintage, hand-embroidered, Uzbek suzani bridal embroidery. This is a handmade item with bright colors and a variety of motifs.
This would be part of a dowry and then used to decorate the home.
The top has visible stitching. This may have once had a rod running through the top so it could be hung.
This is 77" wide by 23" tall.
There are some marks where it looks like the pattern was drawn onto the fabric - shown in photos.
The birds are often a symbol of good luck and fertility.
The first bit of writing translates something like, "1980 - years". The next translates to "kynguz", I think - which means "night". I am not positive on my translation, but even though the last three letters look like "943", they are actually, "gyz" or similar in Cyrillic.
The fringe is missing some metal discs, but most are intact.